ZC Hunter 1.7-12X50

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ZC HunterThe ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 is the " all-round riflescope " in the premium market which is perfect for both moving, driven and raised hide hunts.With 23m f

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ZC Hunter

The ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 is the " all-round riflescope " in the premium market which is perfect for both moving, driven and raised hide hunts.

With 23m field of view at 1.7x magnification, it gives the largest field of view in combination with a 50mm objective on the market. The magnification up to 12x and the 50mm objective lens it provides a detailed, high-contrast and sharp image even for precision shots in low light conditions or at twilight. The reticle in the first image plane with red/green illuminated dot or with diffractive illumination technology in the second image plane with extremely bright red illuminated dot simplify aiming in all lighting conditions. For 1.7 to 12x magnification adjustment, the eyepiece has a comfortable, easy-to-grip zoom ring. To improve the fast operability of the zoom, an “trow lever” is also available as an accessory.

The shooter can choose between a "classic" hunting adjustable turret with protective cap or a lockable ballistic turret with adjustable rings.

The combination with the powerful 7x zoom and reticle in the 1st or 2nd image plane makes the ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 extremely powerful and multifunctional.

The reticle "KP1" in the first image plane was developed by master gunsmith Kurt Pritz, based in Mariapfarr, Austria, and with well-thought-out ballistics hold line for 300m on the one hand allows for long precision shots without additional adjustment, as well as a large and bright field of view with maximum edge clarity due to the bars not extending to the edge of field of view.

The new Multi-Hunting-Reticle (MHR), available in the first focal plane, is a further development of the classic hunting reticle 1, 4 as well as 8 and was designed in cooperation with the German shooting instructor Michael Gast. The MHR is the ideal match for our new universal hunting glass, designed for driven hunts as well as shots at long range.

For the classic hunter, we offer the 4A-iD reticle, a common and very popular reticle. The horizontal bars are sized so that at a target distance of 100 meters, the distance is approximately the length of a buck. Overall, the center distance is 140cm/100meters. The 2cm /100m center dot is illuminated with diffractive illumination technology.

This allows even in the brightest lighting conditions the illuminated point can still be clearly visible!


Ballistic Turret

We offer a ballistic turret for the ZC hunter in addition to the traditional click adjustment that is found under the standard capped turret. This extremely precise, easy to use system, made of high-quality aluminum, allows the user to calculate and select three separate ranges that are then set with the individual rings which have colored markings for rapid range adjustment without compromising the usefulness of the full mil adjustment scale.

The turret also comes with a locking function to prevent any unintentional adjustment when stalking through rough terrain or transporting the rifle.

This turret can be ordered with any ZC Hunter scope in any configuration, and if necessary be retrofitted later at our factory."

Reticle available

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